Writing Projects

Current Work In Progress: 

Operation Reins for Warriors

The Wounded Warrior Series Book #2

Manuscript Status: Current WIP


Pockets of Promise

Book #1 in The Pocket Quilt Series

Release Date: April 2020

(Formerly titled Her Reasons – A Rumspringa Quilt Novella)

*2017 ACFW First Impressions Finalist

A young woman, torn between two worlds and two men, receives wisdom and guidance from secret letters tucked inside a quilt.

On her eighteenth birthday, Mariah Mast begins her Rumspringa and explores the world outside her faith. While she receives attention from a handsome Englisher, her best friend Josiah Weaver watches from a distance with a disapproving eye. An encounter with police, a misunderstanding of intentions, and hurt feelings compound her confusion. Recognizing the teen’s need for space, her grandmother sends her to stay with an aunt in Pinecraft. Upon bidding farewell, the grandmother gives Mariah a pocket quilt with handwritten messages tucked inside. These words of wisdom guide her as she makes a decision that will have lasting consequences for those closest to her heart.

Other Works:

Operation Tidal Wave

The Wounded Warrior Series Book #1

Manuscript Status: Proposal Sent

*2019 ACFW Genesis Semi-Finalist

Her success as a surfer proved difficult for him to handle, but an accident ended her path to greatness. Now he’s returned home – a war vet. Both bearing scars, these former high school sweethearts must overcome old wounds to find freedom, peace, and love.

Beside Still Waters

Manuscript Status: Proposal Sent

Will a young Amish woman compromise her integrity and her family for the love of a man? 

After learning her mother has terminal brain cancer, twenty-two-year-old Jewel Fisher finds a way to help support their family and cover the cost of her mother’s experimental treatments. When the deacon’s son Keith volunteers to help on the Fishers’ farm, Jewel is forced to hide the truth from the man who has captured her heart. How can she earn Keith’s love without compromising her family? How can they have a future when a lie stands between them?

The Veil of Violet – An Amish Horse Progress Days Novella

Manuscript Status: Complete

*2018 ACFW Genesis Semi-Finalist

Overwhelmed with grief from the sudden loss of her young daughter, Miriam Lapp battles through each day. Her husband Aaron fears her struggles interfere with her sense of right and wrong, and he involves the bishop. Feeling betrayed, Miriam retreats farther from her husband. Desperate to reconnect with his wife, Aaron encourages her to attend Horse Progress Days with him. While visiting the annual Amish showcase event, temptation overwhelms her, and she makes a terrible mistake. Miriam is forced to face the consequences of her actions behind bars where her heart begins to heal as she finds a renewed sense of purpose. But will her husband and their neighbor Esther Stoltzfus ever forgive her for the choices she made?

 Horse Progress Days Book #1

Manuscript Status: Complete

Will love always protect, trust, hope, and persevere?

Set against the backdrop of Horse Progress Days – the Amish summer showcase event in which draft animal power is shown to be possible, practical, and profitable – this is a story of forgiveness and redemption for two women in the midst of betrayal and deceit.

Camp Galatians

Manuscript Status: Complete

Beth Shapiro has no desire to spend a week with the Hiram County Christian seventh grade class on their annual fall camping trip.  And if Erick Moulder was assigned to her trail group, this would be a very long week.

Erick Moulder can’t wait to tackle the Camp Galatians low ropes course and explore the woods with his friends.  He hopes Beth Shapiro has been assigned to his Trail Group.  After his mother’s recent passing, Erick has yearned to find hope in something.

At the end of the week, the campers participate in the Spirit Challenge.  This unique opportunity tests their courage, their friendships, and their relationships with God in ways they never could have imagined.