Going Once, Going Twice…Sold!

In Pockets of Purpose, Book #2 in The Pocket Quilt Series, an Amish auctioneer has surgery to remove a cyst from his vocal cords. Complications from the procedure interfere with his healing, leaving him searching for his passions and purpose. Continue reading to learn more about the inspiration behind the story.

Mt. Hope Auction

I’ve attended several Amish auctions over the years, including the 2017 Ohio Haiti Benefit Auction, held at the Mt. Hope Event Center, where my story’s hero conducts his business. I jotted notes across the back cover and in the margins of the auction booklet pages – notes about the items on auction, the winning bids, and the people around me. These notes proved to be very helpful when I sat down to write this book almost three years later.

I’ve always been drawn to the rhythm and roll of an auctioneer’s voice, and it’s entertaining to listen to the varied cadence delivered by each individual.

Mecum Auto Auction

For the last few years, my husband and I have enjoyed watching Mecum Auto Auctions on television. Travis and I attended a live Mecum Auto Auction in person on a recent trip to Indianapolis. We listed the vehicles we each hoped to see, and this auction, with 2500 lots on display, didn’t disappoint. Shiny bumpers, rumbling engines, screeching tires, and the occasional smell of exhaust teased our senses. Let me tell you, I was a student athletic trainer for a football team with over a 100-man roster the last time I was surrounded by that much testosterone!

Have you, like me, ever wished to roll along country roads in a vintage pickup? Then imagine my excitement when we spotted the 1936 Ford with wooden side rails and whitewall tires. If I owned a similar truck, I would prefer a buttery yellow or Tiffany Blue exterior as compared to the light tan body pictured below. But in an effort not to upset you purists out there, please note I would be delighted to discover one painted Washington Blue.

The highlight of this auction for me was the chance to experience the Dodge Thrill Ride as a passenger in a Challenger SRT Hellcat. You can check out the video here.

Get Involved

Truth be told, my desire to drive a Depression-era pickup or a car packing over 700 horsepower will remain a dream. Travis and I buy sensible and reliable used cars that we drive until they are no longer economical for us to maintain. At that point, we donate the cars to a program like Wheels or ChangingGears. A gifted mechanic then breathes life back into the engine in an effort to help meet the transportation needs of people in Cincinnati. Perhaps there are similar organizations in your community?

While you won’t read about muscle cars or vintage truck auctions in my upcoming release, you will find characters bidding on quilts, and alpacas. And I even included surprise or two! I hope you enjoy Dixie and Gideon’s story.