Pockets of Promise Launch Week Details

As the April 30th release date of my debut title approaches, readers will have many opportunities to connect and celebrate. I thought it might be helpful to post all of the Pockets of Promise launch week information in one place. Here you go!

For Preorder Giveaway details, please click HERE.
For blog tour schedule and GIVEAWAY details, click HERE.
To join us, click HERE.
Hope to see you there! To participate, click HERE.
When our country cautiously reopens on May 1st, gatherings of more than 10 people will still be discouraged. As a result, this event will be rescheduled.

To help other readers discover Pockets of Promise:

  • Mark the book as Want to Read on your Goodreads shelves.
  • Post a picture of the book cover on social media on April 30th.
  • Purchase a digital or paperback copy of the book and leave an honest review on sites such as Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you all for your continued encouragement and support. This is an exciting time in my writing journey, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you.