My Writing Journey: An Update Part 2

For the past couple months, I’ve waited to receive feedback about the Amish novella proposal my agent pitched to editors on my behalf. Yesterday she forwarded an email from the editor who had expressed interest in the story in March. I have printed his email to hang beside my desk as if it’s my first rejection letter. That being said, I’ve now read his email three or four times. When I consider his words, I realize it’s not a rejection but an invitation.

In the email, this Editor-in-Chief told my agent he liked my writing, but the story read more like Young Adult Fiction than what he was looking to publish. This is great news because I wrote about characters who are between the ages of 16 and 18.  In this case, young adults were my target audience. He continued to say if I cared to write about older characters, he’d be interested in reading more of my work. Though I wasn’t offered a contract for this novella, his message gave me hope. Instead of seeing this as a rejection, I have chosen to hear the truth in his words. My manuscript must have made a good first impression because this accomplished professional has offered to take another look at my writing.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to say my agent has submitted this novella for consideration in another collection. As I wait for additional updates from her, I will continue to polish my first full-length Amish Romantic Suspense novel. In the near future, I plan to submit the first three chapters and a synopsis of the story to my agent for this editor to review. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as I push forward on this journey.


  1. Judy Neal

    That is a great attitude Laurie. I admire that you consider it as constructive criticism. You have always learned from your experiences whether they were difficult or joyful. I know firsthand how your words have the ability to change a mind and a life. Looking forward to getting together. Love Aunt Judy.

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