What’s Your Superpower?

As students in our school district geared up for Homecoming, our middle school organized Spirit Week. One day they dressed up in clothing from a specific decade. The next day they wore crazy hats. On the third day, their costumes were inspired by a favorite Disney character. They wore school colors on Friday to show support for the football team’s big game. My daughter was most excited for Thursday’s theme:  Superheroes.



For several months, we had been watching American Ninja Warrior on television. My daughters love Jessie Graff, and why wouldn’t you? She’s a modern day Wonder Woman, breaking stereotypes and serving as a positive role model. She was the first woman to finish an ANW course, and she accomplished feats other male competitors couldn’t complete. My daughter rushed home from school and began to fashion her Jessie Graff school-appropriate outfit, complete with Sammo Hog. I love that she has a real-life superhero.






Our younger daughter is in fourth grade this year. Her Language Arts teacher asked the class to create a superhero. The assignment combined art and creative writing–two of my daughter’s favorite subjects.  In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d share this exercise for other young readers to try.

The Directions:

Choose at least two superpowers.
Write a paragraph to describe yourself.
Draw a picture of the scene.


This is a simple and fun activity to get those creative juices flowing. I’d love to see hear about your superpowers. Please feel free to share by leaving a comment below.  If you go out to trick-or-treat later this month, be sure to stay safe!






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