Pack the Bags. We’re going to Nicaragua!

In the winter of 2013, I had the opportunity to join a team of women on a mission trip in Mexico.  Since my return to the States, I have prayed for an opportunity for our family to go on a mission trip together.  Earlier this spring, I received an email from our church, inviting us to consider a trip to Central America.  My husband has never had the desire to travel outside our country’s borders to do mission work.  Even though I was certain he would say no, I felt prompted to ask if he would consider this family trip.  I was completely shocked when he agreed without hesitation.  I suggested he sleep on it, and we could continue the conversation in the morning.  He shook his head and said we should go for it.  I still can’t believe it!  God is so good.  But just because we were interested didn’t mean it would happen for us.

Upon submitting the application, all four of us were entered into a lottery.  While we waited to hear if we had been selected, we began to have doubts and concerns about the trip. Acknowledging the fears are real but not from God, we surrendered the trip to Him.  On occasion, we still need to remind each other, “If God wants us to be in Nicaragua this fall, He’ll make it happen.”

Over the next few weeks, we will be preparing for our week in Nicaragua.  We ask for prayers for productive preparation for us as individuals and for our team.  We ask that God goes before us and bless the relationships that will be made.  Many of us will be meeting the children we sponsor through Compassion International.  These families will be traveling from all over the country to one central site, so we pray for smooth logistics and safe travels.  We will also join Amigos for Christ in digging trenches to bring clean water to homes.  We ask for prayers for strength to complete this strenuous work.  We’re excited for this chance to be God’s hands and feet, and we’ll keep you posted along the way!