Back to School Scavenger Hunt

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Now that most schools are back in session and many homeschoolers are diving into their curriculum, I thought it would be fun to create a Back to School scavenger hunt for young readers. Head to a store or bump around the internet (with adult supervision, of course) to search for the answers.


  1. Find the largest box of tissues on the shelf. How many tissues are in the box?
  2. Locate the least expensive container of disinfectant wipes (like Lysol or Clorox). How many ounces (oz) does the container hold?
  3. What is the price of a 40 fl oz bottle of hand sanitizer?
  4. Name the colors of the rainbow. Are any of those colors missing from an 8-pack of Crayola markers? If so, which one?
  5. How much does a package of sharpened pencils cost? About how many unsharpened pencils can you get for around the same price?
  6. How many different colors of 1″ binders do you see on the shelf?
  7. Are there more composition books featuring Star Wars or puppies on the cover?
  8. How many different colors of pencil-top erasers are in a multipack?
  9. How many varieties of apples are available in the produce section of the store? Which is your favorite?
  10. Find the juice boxes with Dory on the package. How many juice boxes are in the package?

What did you think? I hope you had fun. I plan to post one fun activity a month. You may see a scavenger hunt, a game, a puzzle, a writing or drawing prompt, or creative challenge involving craft supplies or Legos. Want more? Check out the posts with the puzzles and games tag. I hope to award prizes for participation in future activities, so stay tuned. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss next month’s challenge!